Our Mission

A 501(c)3, Merlyn Climate Grants supports young people ages 13 to 30 who take the lead in bringing the public's attention to the climate challenge. Grant recipients live in New England and New York.

Merlyn Climate Grants looks for projects most likely to educate and rouse others to help solve the climate challenge. We want youth projects to inspire more youth projects, helping create a legion of young climate champions across New York and New England.

We identify young leaders who educate and encourage others, particularly their peers and political and business leaders, to take up the climate fight. Our grantees inspire in two ways: they create positive new climate-solution projects, sparking others to create their own; and they lead their peers in pushing for urgent climate policy in local and national arenas.

For example, Merlyn grantees funded in 2019-2023 have helped turn No votes on climate into Yes votes in the RI statehouse. They’ve trained volunteers for public speaking on climate. They’ve launched composting and kelp farms and studied rivers with area schoolchildren. They've launched Climate Courage workshops and produced podcasts that inspire emerging climate leaders. They've planted trees and published. One 14-year-old learned the tools of print production to produce a magazine featuring area leaders speaking out on the climate challenge.

For more information, contact Grants@MerlynGrants.org, or call 401-751-3766.